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Aleator Convergente 3.0

Aleator Convergente 3.0 is a complete and flexible CRM, including Sales, Billing, Technical Works, Device Provisioning and Stock for companies offering one or more convergent service as TV, Internet or Telephony.

Aleator Convergente 3.0 is actually in use in companies of different countries and company sizes, from small to large, and with varying organization and policies.

Aleator Convergente 3.0 may be installed in your servers or in the cloud.

Features and Functionality by Areas

  • HTML 5 and CSS 3 responsive web interface, allowing access from anywhere, using any device with a browser, no application required for mobile devices.
  • Hierarchical data view split in three levels: Central or Headquarters, Region, and Branch Offices. The view applies to data visualization, operations and reports of the system. Users of the system will have a more global or more restrained view, depending on the level they are assigned within the hierarchy.
  • Management of multiple technical and/or customer service offices, geographically spread, defining the coverage area and user for each of them.
  • Implementation of the Commercial Offer in terms of Commercial Plans combining one or more convergent services, as TV, Internet, or Telephony. Customer’s, geographical, and other conditions may be used to filter the products offered to the final customer.
  • Promotions can be used to apply discounts to individual products, for a specified number of months, and are automatically removed when finished.
  • Special commercial and billing policies may be applied to condos.
  • Additional products for each play: premium TV subscriptions, fixed IPs, call features, and more.
  • Work Order and Service Schedule. Configure the amount and type of work can each team do, so the sales department can directly schedule the installation based on the availability of the technical teams.
  • The responsive interface allows installers to activate the devices installed directly from customer’s home using any mobile device.
  • Flexible provisioning and CAS integration. New integrations may be easily added.
  • Smart changes of technologies: HFC to FTTH, SD to HD or IPTV. The system detects what devices should be removed, and what should be installed, generating the proper Work Orders to achieve the change.
Customer Care
  • Complete Customer Care module. Every customer contact may be recorded.
  • Tickets may be derived between different departments of the company, thus allowing layered treatment, in which a person makes first analysis and checks, and then either finishes the case, or scales it to the next level. Every intervention is registered, making up a full record of each case.
  • One central Call Center may attend any number of geographically distributed company branches.
  • Pre and post billing of subscriptions and events.
  • Late fees calculated automatically depending on the payment due.
  • Taxes and fees to comply to country’s requirements.
  • Billing processes can be massive, or batched using different filters and lists.
  • Billing of VOIP plans from CDRs, calculating surplus based on the free amount or minutes of the plan.
  • Email billing distribution.
  • Credit Card or bank account Auto pay
  • Serial equipment inventory, to trace and see the actual and historical location of each serial device.
  • Warehouses network, with the ability to transfer stock between them.
  • Track and control of the stock of installers. Installers consume their stock in Work Orders and Services.
  • Recovery and reuse flow for damaged and recovered devices.
Bill Due
  • Detailed bill due reports and analysis.
  • Massive mail or SMS bill due notifications.
  • Massive reduction or disconnection of service on bill due. Automatic reconnection with payment.
  • Rich set of built in reports and real time indicators to analyze the company evolution: Sales, Billing, Payments, Bill due, Work Orders, Services, Disconnections, Stock and more.
  • User defined reports

Ventas, Facturación, Trabajos Técnicos, Aprovisionamiento de Dispositivos y Stock para empresas de uno o más servicios convergentes de TV, Internet y Telefonía


Since 1993 developing technological solutions

Aleator is a company with 20 years of experience in developing and maintaining billing software for TV, Internet and Phone companies.

We have transformed that experience into richness, flexibility and functionality to obtain a system capable of fulfill the demands of companies of different work philosophy and size.

Our team makes a constant effort to enhance and increase functionality, as long as the support quality for our community of users.


A team of university professionals specialized in software development and computer services.


Our products represent the constant work of analysis, research and development of our specialists.


26 years in the development of first-class software solutions for our customers.



We offer a wide and flexible range of alternatives to define the appropriate support model for each company.


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